​​​​​​​​Hybrid Yoga Mat Classes

 These yoga classes include several different styles of yoga 
& 20+yrs of exploring them.
I found this to be the best way to accommodate a larger range of my students no matter the level, or stage of your yoga practice​.

Including several different styles of yoga, keeps classes fresh, new and optimal for supporting our respiratory, nervous and digestive systems. 

When these systems are running at their peek they support a healthy immune system, 

mind, body and spirit

'beginners encouraged, others challenged'

Ch'oga = Chair Yoga

This class is done strictly from the chair, seated at all times. 

We go through a series of stretching and breathing exercises. These help to focus the mind, and sooth the nerves. It help support the digestive system, while creating energy and rejuvenating, mind, body, soul. 

EVERY DAY we embracing our bodies capabilities for that day.

Las clases de yoga en silla tambien son Doris Valdaliso

...welcome to zen!

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​The beach class (directly above) was 2019 International Yoga Day, celebrated world wide.

Locally it had rained, from the evening before, up to 2 hours before this class.

There was a GREAT chance it would be cancelled.

While we set up, for potentially a hand full of die hards yogis, I started on time with over 100 yogis, much to my shock, everyone who emerged to celebrate with me! 

Thank you to all of the yogi's in Yoga Mobile Studio's yogi tribe that has followed me since 2010 and voted Yoga Mobile Studio #1 in 2019 with 5 Star Reviews on Facebook, 4.9 Stars on Yelp. Thank you Thank you Thank you! YOU are my gift!

Meet the kids! Dont be surprised when they join our streaming classes!

Ellsworth the kitty & Valentino 

Hi Im Victoria!

in 2010 I created YMS for people that could not get to their local studio.

I was mobile for this reason only.

NOW my studio is virtual in addition to live! You can subscribe to Insight Timer for Chair classes and YouTube for more!

EVERY place, is perfect for thoughtful stretching and breathing. ​​


Yoga Mobile Studio does not claim that yoga or these classes can cure any health issues of any kind. Like any other health fitness activity, its always advisable to be cleared to do yoga, with your primary physician. 

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Prices vary for events, zoom and in person classes.

Private one on one and groups. 

The range one can expect on average is $140.00 - $300.00+

Class times range from lunch hour breaks;

45 mins to 90min.

Retreats are unique, please contact: 203.434.6343 WhatsApp/Telegraph

Venmo @YogaMobileStudio;
PayPay YogaMobileStudio@gmail.com; 


​Meet yogi Victoria

Making yoga accessible for everyone now streaming!

clases de silla en español contacto DivinelyAlign.com

Doris Valdaliso 203.856.8022

or text 203.434.6343


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 Ancestral Knowledge

Thank you in advance for choosing my studio and playing yoga with me. I appreciate you and your time. I know you will enjoy the classes and support I have to offer each student no matter the level, seasoned or beginner.

Please feel free to reach out to me with questions.

I absolutely am passionate about helping others to achieve their highest and best, body, mind and vibration. 

Victoria began practicing Yoga in 1998.  After struggling with debilitating migraines

(8-15x a month, frequently in the hospital) several health professionals suggested that perhaps yoga would help her. Like many others in desperate health conditions feel, 'what have I got to lose', she took her first class at a recommended studio in Laguna Beach, CA. and the rest is history!

Attracted first, to the fast pace, muscle building practice of Ashtanga, she moved on to discovered the nuances of other amazing yoga disciplines. Yin, Hatha, Restorative, Iyengar Vinyasa and Kundalini. Over the years she has had the great fortune to practice with many wise teachers, from yoga studios across the globe in many different settings. Inspired by these teachers and the different styles of movement and breath, all building a solid foundation to influence her hybrid class style, the best of several disciplines. 

Victoria recognized a need to bring inspirational breath and healthy movement, the core of any practice, to the community who was unable to have yoga in a studio. These were the folks she felt, really needed it the most!  ........ And 2010 Yoga Mobile Studio was created! In 2020 its transformed itself to reaching even more students, on a streaming platforms. YouTube and Insight Timer

​Victoria’s classes are designed to meet the needs of her students. This ranges from a self image shy newbies, some confined to the limits of a (wheel) chair, or the needs of imaginative and energetic children! She considers herself blessed to have such an incredible range of students, 5yrs to 106 year old, Jim! 

Her students have a variety of health needs as well, sports injuries, general tightness, to knee and hip replacements, strokes and other surgery or rehab-ing conditions, hypertension, ADHD, scoliosis, Parkinson's  & arthritis just to mention a few. Classes to strengthen a students breathing, and movements, mentally and physically, supporting their capabilities while acknowledging limitations. Her classes shed light on how to incorporate the nature of yoga with all aspects of life. Victoria feels it's important to be in a nurturing environment within a familiar setting for her students to connect their body, mind and spirit. "We can get there with LOVE guys!" Her sensitivity offers her students encouraging and informative instruction with a sense of lightheartedness.

Certified in Iyengar Vinyasa & Children’s Yoga she set off on a journey to idealistically bring yoga to the masses! She ADORES what she does and the amazing yogis that have come across her path on this journey. Victoria’s zest for life and being healthy through good nutrition and meaningful movement, is a philosophy she aspires to every day.

She is often heard encouraging her students with a call across the room, "Listen to your body, feel where you are now, inhale deeply and let it go and expand." ​

Namaste = the knowledge and light in me, bows and respects the knowledge and light in you. This makes us one!