**Our employees look forward to her class, her class is always filled. Best Yoga teacher around, we love her. She has made a difference in many peoples lives. Tina M Bishop Wiki Rehab & Living Center

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hahaha! my clients have such a great sense of humor! 


​​​We're overjoyed to announce that

Yoga Mobile Studio has been voted the Best Yoga Studio in Fairfield, Ct. USA!

Your client-based votes made this recognition even more special.

Thank you for the 5-star love on Facebook and 4.9 stars on Yelp!

Your kind words fuel our passion to support you.

Heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you! 


Thanks to those people below that took the time to write a review, but Yelp didnt published.

Thank you for the glowing compliments and beautiful descriptions about being in my classes. 

I appreciate you all so much for joining me and taking your time to share your experience. xoxo V~

​***It is important to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new treatment or therapy.***

**I've been taking Yoga classes with Victoria for 2 yrs now. My interest in Yoga began with hopes of lessening Osteoarthritis pain. When I first started with Yoga I was unable to feel comfortable in most poses. As time has gone by I have found my comfort level increasing as well as my strength and balance improvement. I am now able to get down on the floor and up off it unaided by a chair as a lift. Most beginner poses I can hold or I modify to suit my health requirements. Victoria has always been there for me cheering me on and keeping me motivated. She is clear and easy to understand and a kinder person would be hard to find. I give her 5 stars for personality and teaching. E.B

**I love my sessions with Yoga Mobile Studio!! She is very compassionate, and has helped me improve my overall well being! 
Do not hesitate to have a class with her she is AWESOME!! Dee M

**As a Children's Yoga Teacher, Victoria has been very instrumental in instructing and gently guiding my son and daughter's awareness of their own energy, body health and benefits of stretching and exercise. Her manner is very cheerful while her approach is very friendly but respectful. She is very nurturing, kind and an insightful teacher. My kids adore her time and attention. Linda, LH Production.

**Yoga Mobil Studio is the best. She has been teaching at Apple Rehab since 2013 and she has made a huge impact on our residents, they look forward to her weekly classes. Victoria techniques are very soothing and calming, she is very sensitive to each persons individual needs. You will be very satisfied with her personality and level of expertise.
Director of Activities Apple Rehabilitation Pam C

**Chair Yoga @ Bishop Wicke Rehab Center on Wednesday was a particularly uplifting hour. With your caring personality, experience and encouragement you manage to touch every participant promoting physical movement and spiritual calm. You encouraged Lucy to move her immovable left leg, made Ruthie smile the whole time and Alex enjoyed the yoga practice and a laugh. You talked to all of us and bring us to a relaxed meditative and thoughtful place, truly a gift to have found you. I mean it... and you have my permission to use my words.. if your so inclined. PL :) thanks. 

*This message was sent via text, what a beautiful way to start your morning!

​​Comments and Reviews

**I met Victoria Mellah when the Town of Branford hired her to teach the town employees Yoga.
As a teacher I found Victoria to be engaging, calm, approachable and informative about all aspects of the class.
During the class she would describe the different body parts we were using and the benefits of the poses. She would move amongst, the students, assisting us in modifying the poses. By doing this she helped us achieve the best possible position for us. Her hands on modifications were firm and supportive, lf she felt the entire class would benefit from seeing the difference between a poor form and better form, she herself would demonstrate the difference to the class. The other students and I found her use of props, bolsters, chairs, straps, and a variety of other items different and fresh, it helped each participant no matter what their yoga level or flexibility achieve their personal best. Victoria's classes were relaxed, innovative, light hearted and encouraging.
I would highly recommend Victoria as a Yoga teacher, for a group setting or personal training. City of Brandford, CT Manny F.

**I so look forward to my Yoga class with Victoria each week. She has helped me become stronger and I am so very happy about that. Love the enthusiasm she brings with her to class and the core strengthening and balance classes have helped me on the path to better health. Victoria always cheers me on. Libby B

​​​​​A very warm thanks to all my private student yogis

...And the following corporate yogis over the years: 

*Apple Rehab *Artist Assisted Living Center *BeReal *Boll and Branch *Cambridge Rehabilitation Center *Capital Preparatory Academy of Bridgeport, CT *City of Brandford CT *City of Bridgeport's CT Health Department *Clarity Spa *Connecticut Theater Dance of Westport *Dr. Cullen Chiropractic *Fairfield Museum *Greenwich Children's Community Center *Hindu Cultural Center of Connecticut *Ludlow Center for Health and Rehab *Mass Save *Notre Dame HS *Old Hill Children's Academy *Pinterest *Prudential Real Estate De *Sacred Heart University Athletic Department *Sacred Heart's Mens Baseball Team *Sacred Heart's Woman's Rugby Team *Shelton Middle School *Spring Meadow Living Center *St.Vincents Adult Care *Sunset Shore Community Center *TWLOHA *Two Roads Brewing Co.*3Roses Tattoo 

**Victoria Mellah has been providing our clients with chair style yoga since 2012. Her instructional style lends for a gentle yet informative and supportive exercise program. She proceeds with caution as to encourage while fostering a safe environment for our participants. She is a positive addition to our facility. Diane D. TRD Jewish Senior Service Jewish Home

**Great classes, she easily moves through the poses offering beginner to advanced suggestions to fit every students needs. Very patient teacher, very cheerful, great fun. Director of Operations Val M

**It is with the utmost sincerity and without hesitations that we recommend the services of Victoria, as a Yoga Teacher to anyone interested in starting or improving a program of personalized Yoga. Our experience with Victoria has been positive in all aspects and her expert coaching and her motivational personality has been enlightening, healthy, fun and comfortable at the same time.

I never participated in a formal exercise program and for many years ignored the advice of my doctor to do so. My wife Lori & I both live a stressful lifestyle and anxiety was creating problems in other areas of health for me. Through a mutual friend, I was introduced to Victoria, we spoke to determine if Yoga was an appropriate therapy. She said that it was, and she was right. I was apprehensive and knew nothing about Yoga, but she immediately put me at ease. I was HOOKED!  My wife joined me on the next session and we look forward to each and every one.

There are many Yoga programs available, both in class and private forms. I sincerely believe that had I joined a local class or picked a personal coach at random, I would have failed and not continued. Victoria makes exercise fun and tailors her routine to your own unique abilities and limitations. She visits our home twice a week equipped with a large bag of "props" to assist in difficult positions. If she observes that we are struggling with a particular Yoga position, she assists or changes her routine to accommodate our own body limitations. During the next session (no two are the same), she will introduce a technique to eliminate the stressful aspect of the pose.

Her positive outlook and praise for even the simplest indication of progress is truly motivational. She takes the effort to get to know you and after a few weeks of working with her, I feel as though I have known her for years. Her personality is truly uplifting and the program very beneficial in many aspects of our lives. James & Lori A.