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Due to the mobile nature of this yoga studio, (call) or text: 203.434.6343 email:                                                               

for more details on your classes or retreats.

Areas covered: Fairfield & New Haven Counties. New York, California, Florida & Hawaii

and Internationally (WhatsApp available)

**Please Note:    Social Media messages are not checked as frequently as the above options**

*Cancelation Classes:

ALL notifications need to be emailed or text messaged only.

NO voice mail or social media notifications are considered cancelled and subsequent charges will be incurred.                   ****Thank you in advance for your understand & cooperation.**** 

​24 hour cancellation notice is needed to avoid half class fee charge. 

*Birthday or Group Parties

Deposits: cancellations for any reason less then 14 days prior are non refundable.

Non-refunded deposits can be used to secure a future date and time within 90days.
*Session Packages: 1 class missed, can be made up within a 30 day period, if not, that and any others missed classes, are forfeited.

*Retreats per location and booking more information upon reservation.

​​​​ The ONLY mobile yoga studio, we bring the studio to YOU!

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Yoga Mobile Studio does not claim that yoga or these classes can cure any health issues of any kind. Like any other health fitness activity,

its always advisable to be cleared to do yoga, with your primary physician. 

Victoria created Yoga Mobile Studio for people that could not get to a studio.

YMS is ONLY mobile for this reason, you are our dedicated focus.

(There is no yoga studio location) 

 Vanity, time or physical limitations, YOU are the person we want to know!

Virtually any place, is perfect for thoughtful stretching and breathing. 

Welcome to yoga!

...and if you already know your OM happy place, invite your tribe,

lets have a yoga party or private retreat!

Victoria began practicing Yoga in 1998.  After struggling with debilitating migraines

(8-15x a month frequently in the hospital) several health professionals suggested that perhaps yoga would help her. Like many others in desperate health conditions feel, 'what have I got to lose', she took her first class at a recommended studio in Laguna Beach, CA. and the rest is history!

Attracted first, to the fast pace, muscle building practice of Ashtanga, she moved on to discovered the nuances of other amazing yoga disciplines.

Yin, Hatha, Restorative, Iyengar Vinyasa and Kundalini.

Over the years she has had to great fortune to practice with many wise teachers, from yoga studios across the globe in many different settings. Inspired by these teachers and the different styles of movement and breath, all building a solid foundation to influence her hybrid class style, the best of several disciplines. 

Victoria recognized a need to bring inspirational breath and healthy movement, the core of any practice, to the community who was unable to have yoga in a studio. These were the folks she felt, really needed it the most! 

........ And Yoga Mobile Studio was created!

​Victoria’s classes are designed to meet the needs of her students. This ranges from a self image shy newbies, some confined to the limits of a (wheel) chair, or the needs of imaginative and energetic children! 

She considers herself blessed to have such an incredible range of students, 5yrs to 106 year old, Jim! 

Her students have a variety of health needs as well, sports injuries, general tightness, to knee and hip replacements, strokes and other surgery or rehab-ing conditions, hypertension, ADD, scoliosis, Parkinson's  & arthritis just to mention a few. 
Designing classes to strengthen a students movement, mentally and physically, supporting their capabilities while acknowledging limitations. Her classes shed light on how to incorporate the nature of yoga with all aspects of life. Victoria feels it's important to be in a nurturing environment within a familiar setting for her students to connect their body, mind and spirit. Her sensitivity offers her students encouraging and informative instruction with a sense of lightheartedness.

Certified in Iyengar Vinyasa & Children’s Yoga she set off on a journey to idealistically bring yoga to the masses! Or as she says, 'let her yoga take her around the world so she can hug everyone!'  

As she remains largely a ledge in her own mind, :} she ADORES what she does and the amazing yogis that have come across her path on this journey. She feels blessed to have what she calls her 'yogi tribe groupies', who follow her yoga classes from location to location.  Victoria’s zest for life and being healthy through good nutrition and meaningful movement, is a philosophy she aspires to every day.

She is often heard encouraging her students with a call across the room, "Yoga is a practice, not a goal, its why you wont see us in the Olympics! Listen to your body, feel where you are now, inhale, and breathe!"                              SAT NAM

​​​​​FIRST: pick your style of yoga       

SECOND: pick your tribe, alone or groups       

THIRD: call, text or email to book your classes!


FIRST:Pick your class: three types of classes offered

*Mat Yoga: mat classes are traditional yoga classes, working on alignment,

poses (asanas) and breathing. 

...where beginners are encouraged, and others are challenged! 

*Chair Yoga: done strictly from the chair, seated at all times,

embracing our bodies capabilities for that day.

*Restorative Yoga: a gentle relaxing class to lengthening & soften the body & mind

through the use of pillows, blankets & blocks.

...welcome to zen!

SECOND: pick your tribe,

(or just zen it alone)

*Personalized Private: single, couple or groups                *Athletic Teams (school, collegiate, pro)   

*Corporate Mat & Seminar Chair Classes                             *Wedding Party's    *Birthday's child/adult 

*Assisted Living & Rehab Communities                                *Fundraising Events  *Retreats

THIRD: 203.434.6343  

**No yoga experience or equipment necessary (we have everything you need, so no excuses!)**